Here's the 101 on Alex Rynnebasically she's a top millennial marketer, contributor to Social Media Examiner, and all around boss.

Alex Rynne is on the front lines of content marketing at revolution at LinkedIn. She's passionate about social media and the power it has to connect and inspire people around the globe.

Today, Alex manages Global Content & Social Media Strategy at LinkedIn, elevating the brand to marketers looking to grow their business and careers. Specifically, Alex serves as the voice of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions brand across all channels, guiding content marketing strategy as well as managing paid, owned and earned distribution and amplification.

Alex started the Millennial Minute blog to clear up some misconceptions about our generation in the media, and to provide other marketers a better understanding at to "who" millennials really are.


In this episode Alex and I share our experiences at Advertising Week 2016 (#AWNewYork), our strategies for consistency in content creation, insights on hiring, and Alex shares how she landed the job of her dreams at LinkedIn!

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