How to deal with misaligned marketing efforts

—this one is for Josh

Josh works in Account Services at a SaaS software company. Working closely with the company's clients, Josh sees many clients come through the door that he feels do not really meet the company's qualifications for an ideal account. He sees this as a disconnect between marketing and sales.

From Josh's perspective the company is employing marketing as a bandaid or an afterthought, rather than applying it as a purposeful solution.

The major #MarketingProbz here is deciphering a clear direction and purpose for their marketing efforts.

#MarketingProbz? Everyone's got 'em.

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To me, this appears to be an issue of classic misalignment. Josh and his company aren't alone in this struggle. Marketing misalignment is one of the most common challenges I see preventing companies of all scale from reaching their target customer and achieving their revenue goals. 

In the above video, I  give Josh three tactics to help his company better share 3 things that will help Josh and his company better align their marketing efforts to work for their business objectives, rather than against them.


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